Location and attractions

The Resort House is located 30 meters from the sea line by one of the main streets of Ustronie Morskie, running parallel to the boardwalk. Surrounded by the greenery it makes a brilliant place to relax.

It is located near the town center, beach and sports & recreation facilities. 

The easiest way to get to the resort when driving on the Kołobrzeg-Koszalin (11) road is to take one of the streets leading to the center of Ustronie Morskie - either Wiejska, Kolejowa or Rolna. Each of them will take you to Chrobrego street. 

After approx. 100 m you will see Relax Inn Resort House on the right side of the sea.

Relax Inn has a perfect location in the center of Ustronie Morskie. If you choose to stay in our resort house you can be sure that getting to the most important tourist attractions will take you just a while. Find out below how close you are to the most important sites in the area:

Sea line - 50 m
Ustronie Morskie Pier - 160 m
Sianożęty Pier - 500 m
Boardwalk - 20 m
Bella Vista Club - 90 m
Tourist Information - 200 m
Movie Theater - 200 m
Amphitheater - 500 m
Community Culture Center - 300 m
Shopping Center - 50 m
Center of Ustronie Morskie - 0 m
Guarded swimming beach - 70 m
Horse riding track - 200 m
Sports field - 400 m
Gas station - 1 km
Bike rental - 150 m
Kołobrzeg-Bornholm cruise - 15 km
Sianożęty - 1 km
Kołobrzeg - 15 km
Koszalin - 29 km
Warcisław ok - 2 km
PKS (Polish Bus Service) - 60 m
PKP (Polish Rail) - 1 km
Drugstore - 200 m
Police station - 180 m
Medical assistance - 200 m
Car garage - 800 m
24/7 gas station - 1,5 km