Ustronie Morskie


Ustronie Morskie is one of the most beautiful spas in the northern part of Poland. It is located 15 km from Kołobrzeg and 29 km from Koszalin. It offers peace and relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tourists come here all year round to admire the sights, to listen to the sea waves and to breathe in the air rich in iodine and bio-elements.

In summer, the town is busy since many holiday-makers come here. Tourists take advantage of perfect conditions for water sports, sunbathing and swimming. The boardwalk becomes a shopping street full of stands and small shops. The shops are open till very late and tourists walk along the boardwalk round the clock.

The evenings in Ustronie Morskie create opportunities to admire the sunset, to take a long stroll, to spend leisure time in numerous pubs, cafés, beer gardens and restaurants. Attractions and parties are aplenty here in the summer season. Each place has its unique atmosphere and everybody can find something for themselves.

However, the real charm of Ustronie Morskie may be discovered after the peak season. Warm sea currents bring relatively high temperatures here all year long. Ustronie Morskie is an oasis of the European temperate climate. The commune is located in the so-called seaside climatic zone, which is most favorable for health and active relaxation. Being here is like a 24/7 natural iodine inhalation. Climatic and health resort advantages of this place have been appreciated for more than 200 years.

What is characteristic for the Ustronie Morskie climate is that the air here is filled with a natural sea spray rich in iodine which is favorable for treating illnesses of upper airways. The most favorable conditions for inhalations are on the beach during a sea breeze or a storm at any time of the year.

Active rest is possible in Ustronie Morskie all year round. You can practice water sports, angling and horse riding here. Trekking and cycling lovers may use tourist routes along the coastline. Sports fields, tennis courts, gyms and boats are also available to tourists. Powered hang glider trips are very popular, as is parachuting organized at the Bagicz airport.

The town itself and its adjacent areas abound in architectural monuments. The nearby Rusowo boasts a gothic church and a few old houses, whereas Strzepowo is the location of a neogothic church on a hill and a neobaroque palace.

Relax Inn Resort House is located in the coastal part of the resort and is surrounded by green dunes which are part of the protected landscape. The abundance of the environment emphasizes the natural values of the area and serves as an invitation to long walks. The oldest Polish oak - "Bolesław" and another old oak called "Warcisław" grow nearby. A beautiful view on the open sea may be admired by tourists from the resort house balcony. The sea is just a few steps away. Bolesława Chrobrego street, at which the Resort House is located, is one of the most important streets of the town and is parallel to the boardwalk.
Holidays in Ustronie Morskie offer you a wonderful possibility to spend your free time the way you like it. Apart from sunbaths tourists visiting Ustronie have a unique chance to try water sports, and avid walkers may try out some tourist routes to get to the most beautiful nooks of this picturesque place. It is really worth to see Czerwona Rzeczka (Red brook) situated just by the beach and stroll along the pier. Fans of bike trips may visit Gąski, Mielno or Chłopowo situated nearby, that can be reached riding along a narrow strip of the forest that leads there. 

Climatic and health resort advantages of Ustronie Morskie have been appreciated for more than 200 years. The moderate climate, low mean amplitudes and a relatively high temperature are the perfect choice for health stays and active relaxation. Being here is like a 24/7 natural iodine inhalation. Moreover, you stay in the area with conditions most conducive to good health. 

The air here is filled with a natural sea spray rich in iodine and bio-elements good for your health. Relax Inn is located so close to the sea that our guests may use all the advantages of the seaside climate even without walking out from their rooms.